Since last few days, rumours arose about this, and now it has happened. Pubg Mobile is banned in India. On Wednesday, India announced a ban on 118 additional Chinese applications, including PUBG Mobile. At the moment, details are short, but we know why applications are blocked. That’s why we all need the best Pubg Mobile alternatives in this lockdown period.

So, if you are looking for another Battle Royale game now, here is a list of the best PUBG mobile alternatives games available for both Android &iOS in 2020.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

COD best pubg mobile alternative

COD is one of the most played FPS games in the world. The legacy has lasted for more than 10 years now. The game recently received a mobile version developed by Tencent Games. Call of Duty: Mobile offers the right amount of graphics and even brings Battle Royale mode to the table. When COD live on Play Store, it breaks the 1 day most downloaded game record. That’s why it is one of the best Pubg Mobile alternatives.

2. Fortnight


In addition to PUBG, Fortnite has also been a hit on both PC and console. Battle Royale soon became available for iOS and later on Android(it is presently removed from play store). The game is quite similar to PUBG, with 100 players jumping on the battlefield and trying to survive to become the last player or team standing.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, Fortnite allows players to build various structures to make a strategic move, which makes this little much better than other Pubg Mobile alternatives.

3. Garena Free Fire

Pubg Mobile Altrnatives

It is available for both Android & iOS devices. Free Fire offers many features like PUBG Mobile. The game has already made up to 100 million downloads. PUBG Mobile players won’t have much trouble adapting to this game. However, the duration of a single Battle Royale game will be reduced to 10 minutes, as only 50 people can participate once.

4. ARK: Survival Evolved

Unlike PUBG Mobile, ARK: Survival Evolved has an unrealistic approach. In this game, the player goes on an adventure with dinosaurs, as they select itself from more than 80 different types of dinosaurs. You can also play with your friends simultaneously on the adventure and work for survival. The game is for present on both Android and iOS platform.

5. Battlelands Royale

BattleField Royals

As the name suggests, Battlelands Royale offers players a royal fighting experience from a third-person perspective. The game contains smaller maps and allows only 32 players to jump on the battlefield. This means that the match will not last as long as PUBG Mobile. However, this also means that you can play several rounds in one day. Like the other games on this list, Battlelands Royale is available on Android and iOS.


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