Tony Stark has always wielded Avengers equipment and weapons to ensure that other heroes have full potential on the field. For some persons, he shares his creation with other people. When the government pressurized Tony to sell the suit in Iron Man 2, he refused to give Iron Man technology to the world. But it was generous in allowing its closest allies to use its Iron Man Suit.

However, not everyone who has worn Iron Man’s costume is Tony’s associate. The billionaire found his way into an unexpected situation among creative talents. With Tony’s instructions, all the characters in the MCU of their former opponents wore Iron Man armor in the franchise.

So here, we are going to discuss the Characters who wear Iron Man Suit in MCU.

James Rhodes

Rhody in Iron Man Suit

Tony Stark managed that Iron Man technology should be kept away from the public and the government. Which could mean how his weapons are used to protect people rather than kill them. Eventually, when he was ill in Iron Man 2, James Rhodes takes his responsibility as a War Machine to face Justin Hammer.

Despite Tony’s initial opposition to streetwear, he eventually emerges as a War Machine in the upcoming series with some specific upgrades. In its latest appearance of Avengers: Endgame, the War Machine wears Mark VI as the sixth incarnation of its battle armor.

Pepper Pots

Pepper Potts in Endgame

Paper Potts in Iron Man armor was an instant situation. It was not planned like Tony Stark and Rhody. Aldrich Killian’s people attacked Tony’s house. It was in response to Tony’s challenge to Mandarin publicly, in Iron Man 3. Instead of protecting himself, he chooses to save his girlfriend first. He sends her to a lawsuit to save him from the events. After safely removing the Pepper, he withdrew his suit.

We also saw Pepper Potts in Endgame’s final battle having her armor designed by Tony Stark.

President Matthew Ellis

President In Iron Man Suit

In Iron Man 3, Aldrich Killian kidnaps President Matthew Ellis. After this, he becomes part of a conspiracy and war against terrorism in the United States behind a ban on biotechnology research in the United States. The beginning of his time, which hindered the development efforts of criminals. After the escalating kidnapping, the President urges him to enter a patriotic iron case and is killed by a fake Mandarin. Fortunately, Tony and Rhody arrive on time and rescue the President and Pepper Potts. Battling Killian and his mighty army, which strangle him. When all was said and done, Rhody took Ellis to Washington DC.

Aldrich Killian

Iron Man 2 Villain

Another character who wears an Iron Man suit was in Iron Man 3, named Aldrich Killian. During the final battle scene, when Tony Stark threw out from his suit. His hopes for the protagonist rose when he saw the upcoming Mark 42 confirmed by JARVIS. Unfortunately, before he reaches him, it hits a railing and shattered. Killian realizes it’s the best moment to end Tony, but quickly on his feet, Iron Man sent the disgruntled Mark 42 parts to capture his adversary.


Iron Man Suit

As his conflict with Steve Rogers was more serious about the Sokovia agreement. Tony had to assemble his team to go to Captain America. As a result, he had to recruit young hero Peter Parker. By this point, Peter was working as a street-level hero wearing his self-made suit. Tony then offered him an advanced costume to join the Civil War. Then Tony officially give him the advance armor designed by himself at the beginning of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Bruce Banner

Hulk Buster Suit

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner co-produced the Hulk Buster. Marvel Studios restores this in Infinity War using the Avenger’s Hulk Buster Suit. After Thanos’s fatal defeat at the beginning of the film, when he struggles to show his pride. He gets a chance to take part in the Great Battle of Wakanda. In which Avengers fight with Black Order and his army.


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