PUBG MOBILE, a popular game in India popular among every teenage of India. On Wednesday, this game comes among 118 Chinese apps blocked by the government. This step amid fresh tensions over China’s instigation in Ladakh. The Pubg Mobile Ban news put many of online streamers in shock. Government said that the move is in the interest of India’s sovereignty, integrity, defence and security.

According to Data on Google Play, there are approxx 33 million active PUBG Mobile users in India. The game records approximately 13 million users daily. It is among the most downloaded and #1trending game on Google Play Store. However, Pubg Mobile ban is very disappointing for both creators and users.

Official Confirmation

In an Official announcement of India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Mobile games and other applications have is banned according to Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. On the basis that they “affect India’s sovereignty, integrity, defence, state security and public order.” ┬áThe move said that it would protect the interests of crores of Indian mobile and internet users.

The ministry said that there had been numerous complaints on the Android and iOS platforms. Some mobile applications steal user data. After this they transfer them to servers outside India.

“Collecting, mining and profiling this data from factors. Which are detrimental to India’s national security. Will ultimately undermine India’s sovereignty and integrity. This is a matter of deep and immediate concern, which requires urgent measures.” He said in his statement.

List Of 118 Apps Ban With Pubg Mobile In India

118 Apps Ban In India

Pubg Mobile Ban In India

Pubg Mobile Ban

The statement addresses the bipartisan concerns raised by various public representatives in and outside Parliament. He said there was a high chorus in the public space to crack down on applications. That harm India’s sovereignty and the privacy of our citizens.

In early June, the central government banned 59 mobile phone apps. Most of them are Chinese apps. Such as TicketLock, UC Browser and WeChat. Which “violate India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s security, state security and public order.”


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