The reality is a bit weird in the first trailer of the Disney+ series Wandavision. It’s packed with references to the story clues, Easter eggs, and relation with Marvel comics. Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, Wandavision is set in a strange world. As it’s clear from the trailer that not all is right with this world. So, here’s we are going to breakdown the 5 Easter Eggs we get from the WandaVision trailer.

5. Vision Get His Mind Stone

Vision Mind Stone

We all know Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones At the beginning of Avengers: Endgame. The stones used in Hulk’s snap were put in their rightful place in the past’s timeline. In the Trailer of WandaVision, the Mind Stone besides securely in the center of Vision’s forehead.  Wanda mainly got her powers from this stone. If it was still inside Loki’s authority, so there is a chance for it to return in WandaVision. There is one more thing to notice that the window on Wanda and Vision’s main door is also in the shape of the Mind Stone.

4. Military Parameter

Military Camp In WandaVision

Beyond the World of WandaVision, we see a military perimeter set-up. And we say that it’s for the purpose of containing Scarlet Witch’s magic. However, They will also attempt to break her hold on reality.

3. Into The Reality

WandaVision Trailer

At the end of the WandaVision trailer, we see Monica Rambeau being vigorously thrown out of the reality that Wanda planned. Monica back into the actual world. As a result, we get an idea of what She has done. She doesn’t change the entire world, but sequestering the town of Westview and turning it into her own dollhouse. We all know, the universe can probably maintain a completely different reality for a short period of time before things start to go badly wrong.

2. Vision’s New Look

Vision New Look

The first teaser of WandaVision conferred a treat from Marvel Comics fans in the form of Wanda wearing her classic Halloween Scarlet Witch costume. The new trailer for WandaVision shows that not only Scarlet Witch is in her retro look, Vision has also adopted a slight version of his classic costume from the comics. It’s a pretty good look, possibly if he’d used this in the fight against Thanos he wouldn’t have died.

1. Vision’s Missing Origin Story

WandaVision Trailer

This time’s trailer also marks the first hint that Wanda may have brought Vision back as a thoughtful person preferably than an expression of her personality. And Vision starting to recognize that something is going wrong. Because Wanda and Vision’s new world is the result of the manipulation of reality. They don’t have any history before they moved to Westview. That’s why Vision finds himself lacking any memories of how he ended up there.


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